Con il Cerchio "Tanning of Time"

Our company is located in Santa Croce Sull'arno, which has always been famous for its high concentration of tanning. Our leathers are ecological and anti-allergic, they are processed in Italy in tanned oak barrels in compliance with long times. It takes about 40 days to transform the raw leather into a truly inimitable material. Our processing does not use machinery and is followed by following ancient recipes of the old ancient master tanners based on the use of natural tannins in total respect for nature. All this makes our skin unmistakable for its natural appearance and the raw sensation it gives to the touch. This tanning is called "Tanning of Time": it ages but does not deteriorate. It changes over time, has a rough appearance due to the absence of dyes. The passing of the years gives warm tones and a completely unique customization depending on the use made of it. No skin is alike. Choosing this leather means having a philosophy of life oriented towards respect for nature and its treasures.

The True Antiallergic Leather

The leather has very high resistance and transpiration characteristics which make it particularly suitable for the production of many commonly used products. In fact, it is said that leather "breathes". Our leather is worked without the use of chemicals following a long and natural process, therefore antiallergic. We pay close attention to the choice of raw leathers to obtain an inimitable result.